Immortal Council Chambers

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Note: this map is referred to as Council01 in Encounters.txt.

The two Story Missions are fought consecutively. Between fights you cannot do anything that would require you to go to a new map location: clear injuries, buy gear, recruit characters, etc. Between fights you may do anything you can do before a normal encounter: assign AP, set abilities, change classes, change equipment, etc.

Story Mission 1[edit | edit source]

Level range: 33-41

Rewards Godwood and Flippers.

Raife has the Avenger passive, so it may make sense to take him out early in the fight, as he grows in power the more of his allies are felled.

Story Mission 2[edit | edit source]

Level range: 33-41

Rewards Master Robe and Adamant Ingot.

Note that Primus's reaction is Absorb MP, and he has some extremely deadly actions at high MP such as his interstitch ability. You may want to use powerful basic attacks (e.g. Dual Wield) or MP-less specials like Chivalry's Heavy Hit so you don't set him up. Additionally, abilities that drain MP are very effective against Primus as they can prevent him from using his most powerful abilities.

Primus will revive once after defeating him (this cannot be prevented with anti-Rebirth skills such as Collect Trophy and the like). Primus will not activate his Absorb MP reaction ability if it takes him to 0 HP, even if he'll revive afterward. Primus's summoned goons also have a similar ability, and will turn into Archafflictors after being defeated. After the demon is defeated, there won't be any further revives. Raife's Cleave can help chop them up efficiently.

Kyrie's Story[edit | edit source]

After recovering The Medallion, you can visit this map for a cutscene which explains some of Kyries backstory and the death of Sylvia.

After the cutscene, on the world map, Kyrie will suggest a visit to where she grew up.