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Missions are side activities your characters can participate in if you have the Missions and Monsters DLC. Missions are initiated through the Guild and provide various rewards to improve your troops.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

When starting a mission, you must send some of your units out to complete it; any non-Story Character can participate in a mission. Each mission has a minimum number of units that must be deployed to start the mission, as well as a maximum number of units that can be used. Any experience or Ability Points earned from the mission will only apply to the units deployed. A small exception is that Story Characters will receive 15% of the AP earned from any mission to compensate for them not being able to participate. For example, if a Mender earns 100AP from a mission, all of your story characters will receive 15 AP in Mender. Note that units on a mission will still get the Benched AP.

The amount of time it takes to complete a mission is displayed in the description. Missions will continue to run even when the game is closed, so it's generally a good idea to start a mission right before you finish playing the game. Any units deployed on a mission are unable to take part in battles until they return.

Success on a mission is not guaranteed; make sure to read a Mission's description to see the base success chance to complete. A completed mission will give the full rewards, while a failed mission will provide half of the rewards in the Points section, but nothing from the Rewards section. Failed missions can always be attempted again. If your chance to complete a mission is over 100%, you have a chance to get a Resounding Success, which will increase your Points rewards by 50%. The chance to get a Resounding Success is your success chance -100%, however, keep in mind that some missions cannot receive a Resounding Success.

There are a number of ways to increase your success chance:

  • Every unit you bring past the required amount increases your success chance by 5%
  • The Diviner guild upgrade increases your chance of success by a flat 20%. This increases by 5% if it has an adjacency bonus with the Recordkeeper.
  • On certain missions, your choice of leader can increase the success chance. See Mission Groups below.

Unit level and equipment have no bearing on success chance.

Mission Groups[edit | edit source]

You may notice that many missions have key words highlighted in Green in their description. These hints indicate which leader is ideal for completing the mission, and provide a bonus to success (the exact bonus depends on the mission). Many hints are straightforward, such as deploying a male/female unit, deploying a human/monster, or a specific class. For the purposes of gender, only human units can count as Male or Female. Others fall into Mission groups which are not explicitly stated in-game. The keywords will either exactly match the Mission Group name, or be fairly close.

Note that the bonus only applies if the leader's primary class matches the mission group. Only the highest bonus will apply, even if the leader meets the criteria for more than one of the mission's mission groups.

Mission Group Classes
Tracking Assassin, Ranger, Vampire, Wrangler, Harvester, Vangal
Arcane Wizard, Sorcerer, Alchemystic, Lich, Vessel, Archafflictor, Pektite
Wilderness Ranger, Druid, Peddler, Werewolf, Ranger, Beastmaster, Reaver,
Arpia, Blardger, Daodrenner, Vessel, Niwot, Vangal, Rakkerjak
City Mercenary, Peddler, Scoundrel, Duelist, Lord, Vampire,
Gadgeteer, Gambler, Plague Doctor, Assassin, Kawa
Healing Mender, Alchemystic, Princess, Plague Doctor, Druid,
Vessel, Niwot, Therva, Vangal, Daodrenner
Offensive Magic Wizard, Sorcerer, Warmage, Druid, Lich, Princess, Archafflictor,
Bulldrake, Ercinee, Vessel, Helhund, Malcubus, Therva, Pektite
Strong/Brute Mercenary, Knight, Reaver, Templar, Werewolf, Samurai,
Beastmaster, Helhund, Blardger, Bzzerk, Tangrel, Harvester
Stealth Assassin, Scoundrel, Vampire, Fellblade, Peddler, Rakkerjak
Marksmanship Gunner, Ranger, Zotzit
Repair Gadgeteer, Gunner
Dark Magic Lich, Malcubus, Archafflictor
Holy Magic Mender, Princess, Templar, Daodrenner, Ercinee
Lucky Gambler, Scoundrel, Peddler, Zotzit, Bulldrake, Kawa
Court/Castles Knight, Templar, Samurai, Lord, Princess
Flying Arpia, Ercinee, Malcubus
Versatile/Hybrid Fellblade, Warmage, Lord, Vampire, Ercinee, Templar, Gadgeteer, Therva

Mission List[edit | edit source]

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