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Thespeiros is a town in Teora that is located across a bridge from the Ekhidna Falls. It has a Shop and Guild services available, but has no patrols.

Story Encounter 1[edit | edit source]

Level range: 11-17

Rewards: Jammy Fruit

This mission is quite simple - Primus will join as a guest and will use his Immortal powers to drown vulnerable enemies, putting the battle massively in your favor. Around half of the enemies can swim, so you'll have to take them out the old fashion way. The encounter fails if Primus dies, but due to his massive hp pool, that's unlikely to happen unless you attack him yourself.

Story Mission 2 (Kyrie's Story)[edit | edit source]

After viewing the cutscene in the Immortal Council Chambers (available after completing Mount Nervanzer), you can visit this map for an encounter.

You are forced to deploy only Kyrie, Reiner, and Anadine. You fight mirror version of the party members with the exact same levels, classes, and gear - in addition, you cannot change your equipment during the deployment phase. You may want to make sure none of your units have the passive Height Advantage, as the enemy starts at much higher elevation than you do.

Rewards Dark Core and Excalibur.